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Grandstand at Gramsbergen - Rebirth after 40 years

An existing Elascon stand was saved from demolition thanks to the enthusiasm and decisiveness of one man. In summer 2011, Harry Haverkotte, former board member of SV Gramsbergen, heard that their neighbours from Hoogeveen would move to a new sports park.

The good condition of the main grandstand caught his eye so he bought it for €7,000 including the cost of disassembly. The stand was originally built in 1976. Back then, the board of Hoogeveen awarded the construction for 139,200 Dutch florins. If you convert this to today’s value, that is ~€163,000.

Within two years, a wonderful 32 metre long stand arose from the ground. Eventually, the stand only cost €35,000 while a new building would have at least cost €200,000. Everything was reused, apart from the bolts, nuts and the old wooden boards.

The boards were replaced by new seats. The only decorative paintwork that had to be done was on the inside of the roof.

The excellent state of the galvanized steel was confirmed during disassembly. The outer structure had spent 40 years exposed to the weather, but the galvanized steel was in perfect condition and did not need to be regalvanized. The remaining galvanized coating is more than 100µm thick and the stand will last for many more decades.

Case Study

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