Galvanizing Industry Launches Book on The Silo

The European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) has published a book detailing Copenhagen’s stunning example of the architectural use of galvanized steel for over-cladding an existing building sustainably, effectively and rather cleverly.

Written by award-winning architectural journalist, Isabelle Priest, the book tells the story of Copenhagen’s industrial area, where the original building’s construction began in 1958. The historical architecture of the city’s North Harbour is depicted with original pictures of the site. The reader is then taken through COBE’s journey from planning stages to the construction of the façade including the rationale for using batch galvanized steel. The production and installation chapters explain the process of ‘bringing The Silo to life’.

The Silo is the Award Winner of the Global Galvanizing Awards 2018 which are held every 3 years. Details about the project and other entries can be found on

‘The Silo: A New Façade for North Copenhagen’ is available upon request for architects and specifiers by contacting Marina Hofmann at


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