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Thursday 13 June

In conjunction with Zinkinfo Benelux, an exciting programme of visits is offered on Thursday 13 June. Visits are available to galvanizing plants or leading fabricators/manufacturers of steel products. Choose from the following 3 options:

Group 1 - ASK Romein & Antwerp Harbour Projects
Group 2 - Verzinkerij Weert & Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven
Group 3 - VDL VDS Hapert & Umicore Recycling

Group 1 (ASK Romein & Antwerp Harbour Projects)

Depart Hilton Hotel: 08:30
Return Hilton Hotel: 13:30 (drop off at Antwerp Central Station at 13:20)
Price: €25

ASK Romein Roosendaal - Belder 101, 4704 RK Roosendaal

ASK Romein is a five-branch business group, located in Malle, Roosendaal, Vlissingen, Middelburg, and Sassenheim. They are established within the construction sector and deliver high quality custom products at home and abroad. ASK designs, develops, and optimizes projects for several market segments, including transport and logistics, sports and recreation, utilities, industry, parking garages, data centres, food, and offshore. They are skilled in the construction of garages, distribution centres, SME buildings, commercial spaces, offices, and data centres.  Innovation and expertise are their keywords. Automation, advanced production techniques, knowledge, and creativity are the basis of their strong market position.

Participants will view the total production process from design to finished fabric at ASK Romein in Roosendaal.

Antwerp Harbour Projects

The tour also includes a visit to projects in the port of Antwerp that demonstrate the application of hot dip galvanized steel in industrial construction.

Group 2 (Verzinkerij Weert & Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven)

Depart Hilton Hotel: 08:30
Return Hilton Hotel: 15:45 (drop off at Antwerp Central Station at 15:35)
Price: €50

Verzinkerij Weert BV - Industrieweg 35, 6000 AC Weert

Verzinkerij Weert is a general galvanizing plant. The visit will also include a tour of the company’s powder coating plant.

Weert 1: Kettle Dimensions: 13.5 x 1.7 x 2.9 m. Lift Capacity: 10 tonnes

Weert 2: Kettle Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.7 x 3.1 m. Lift Capacity: 4 tonnes

Powder Coating: Cabin Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.45 x 0.9 m. Lift Capacity:0.8 tonnes

Photos are not permitted at Verzinkerij Weert.


Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven BV - De Run 5118a, 5500 AB Veldhoven

Verzinkerij Meerveldhoven is a general galvanizing plant that also operates high temperature centrifuge galvanizing.

Kettle Dimensions: 7.2 x 1.8 x 3.25 m Lift Capacity: 7.2 tonnes

Centrifuge Basket Diameter: 450 mm

We regret that delegates that represent galvanizing companies from the Benelux cannot participate in Group 2. If in doubt if this affects you, please contact the organisers.

Group 3 (VDL VDS Hapert & Umicore Recycling)

Depart Hilton Hotel: 08:00
Return Hilton Hotel: 16:00 (drop off at Antwerp Central Station at 15:50)
Price: €50

VDL VDS Hapert - Industrieweg 29 NL-5527 AJ Hapert

VDL VDS Technische Industrie is specialised in mass stamping work. They are able to press fully automatically up to 800 tons. Thin sheet-metal work such as cutting, stamping and welding belongs to their competencies.

VDS Technische Industrie applies itself to medium and large series of sometimes simple but usually complex metal parts, singly or combined, for which minimum tolerances apply. A significant part of their order portfolio consists of external parts that must be finished off to high aesthetic standards. Due to the broad spectrum of disciplines on offer, customers experience VDS as a one-stop-shop for a wide diversity of metal and mechanical processes. In addition, VDS creates joints by means of welding, gluing and riveting. Surface treatments and fitting also count among their frequent operations. The majority of their products are exported, also outside Europe. VDS ensures a responsible annual growth in turnover by continuous investment in automation and robotics. The tour will focus on automation and robotics used by VDL-VDS.

High quality products demand high quality extended measuring facilities. Apart from modern 3D measuring equipment, VDS has a five-axle laser scanner which can even measure double-chromed surfaces quickly and with great precision. You will also find many product-specific patterns at VDS.

Umicore Recycling Hoboken - Greinerstraat 14 B-2660 Hoboken

Umicore is a global player in materials technology. A solid international group, but every inch a Belgian company, with four sites across the country. They develop technologies and produce materials for high-grade solar cells, rechargeable batteries, LED applications and catalytic converters. Umicore recycles precious metals from laptops, mobile phones and more.

Today Umicore is a global materials technology and recycling group, with about 9,700 employees and a turnover of € 12.3 billion in 2017. Umicore generates the majority of its revenues and dedicates most of its R&D efforts to clean technologies, such as emission control catalysts, materials for rechargeable batteries and recycling. Umicore’s overriding goal of sustainable value creation is based on an ambition to develop, produce and recycle materials in a way that fulfils its mission: materials for a better life.

The visit will include a tour and visit to Umicore's recycling installations. If you have an old/broken mobile phone, please feel free to bring it and deposit during the visit. You will then discover what happens to it during the visit.

Photos are not permitted at Umicore.

NOTE: Places on visit groups are limited and will be allocated strictly in order of receipt of registration. Book early to avoid disappointment. Visits are only available for delegates who register for the Assembly. It is not allowed to take part in the visits only.

By registering for visits, delegates accept that visits are at their own risk. Whilst EGGA and the owners of the plants have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of visitors, neither EGGA nor the owners accept liability for loss or injury, however caused.

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