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Garsington Opera – Demountable pavilion

Garsington Opera’s move to Wormsley, a lush English pastoral estate between London and Oxford, has significantly upgraded their facilities in line with the expectations of 21st Century opera goers. The new pavilion offers superb acoustics and a perfect setting in which to experience opera performances of the very highest quality. The 600-seat summer pavilion is designed to be demounted annually within 3-4 weeks and will leave no permanent trace when removed.

The pavilion was constructed using pre-fabrication techniques which minimised material waste, ensured a consistent level of workmanship, reduced the construction time spent on site and allowed the galvanized steel building to be assembled/disassembled as quickly and economically as possible.

The whole steel structure was prefabricated and galvanized, providing a maintenance-free, corrosion resistant protective finish.

The galvanized coating was selected for its long-term protection – Garsington have a 15 year lease on the site and the building has been designed for a working life of at least this period – and for its durability, a key aspect considering that the building is designed to be annually installed and demounted. The longer-term environmental aspects of a maintenance free coating were also of paramount importance to the design team.

Innovative acoustic research facilitated the use of a lightweight galvanized steel and fabric construction that is not normally associated with auditorium construction – all capable of being repeatedly erected and dismantled without damage to the components.

Case Study

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