Case Study

The Green House – Design for flexibility and reuse

The Green House houses a restaurant with its own urban farm and a conference centre. True to the principles of the circular economy, the entire building can be disassembled. Owing to their high degree of precision, steel components are easy to take apart and put together again.

A special feature of the steel frame of The Green House is its square grid, with which multiple building configurations are possible with one-and-the-same construction kit.

In fifteen years, it is anticipated to be taken apart and rebuilt at another site. Reuse also played an important part in the choice of materials for the project.

The pavilion was designed as a generic construction kit with a steel frame comprised of hot dip galvanized steel sections that can easily be disassembled for reuse. Galvanizing was also used for trellis trusses for the façade, the roof (including roof construction for a small greenhouse), balustrades and the staircase within the pavilion.

The hot dip galvanized steel perfectly underscores the bold character of The Green House and the urban-farming greenhouse. The architects also recognised that hot dip galvanizing lends itself perfectly to disassembly and reassembly - as the coating will not be damaged in that procedure.

Case Study

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