Construction 2050 Alliance

EGGA is a member of the Construction 2050 Alliance - the recently established business network of more than 40 European organisations in the construction sector with the aim to cooperate on needs and priorities of common interest and bring them on a EU level. The Alliance has a common position on the role of the construction industry within the European Recovery Plans and the Renovation Wave.

Construction 2050 Alliance has organised a webinar to emphasise the importance of construction and infrastructure in the national COVID-19 Recovery Plans.

Register here:

Construction 2050 Alliance has been established on the principle that a sustainable Europe cannot be achieved without the involvement of all actors of the construction process. In order to bring the EU construction industry’s needs and priorities at the EU level, the Construction 2050 Alliance aims at coordinating common political messages of the construction value chain and raise the political importance of the sector at the European level.

Construction 2050 Alliance is confident that enhancing the way construction operates will lead to an improvement in the lives of European citizens, higher value with fewer natural resources, and higher quality assets for owners and users. It is on the basis of these considerations that the Construction 2050 Alliance’s framework follows these principles:

Rescheduling EGGA Events in Response to Covid-19

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well at this difficult time. The personal health of all our worldwide galvanizing community is very much on our minds.

EGGA conferences - the Intergalva and Assembly series - are well-known as excellent business networking events and we value very much our personal contacts with everyone. Unfortunately (and quite correctly) these close personal interactions are not what the world needs at the moment.

Unsurprisingly, we have adjusted our events schedule in response to the COVID-19 situation:



Intergalva 2021 (Italy) is postponed to 2022. We have not yet fixed a precise date for Intergalva 2022. We feel this is the right decision for our delegates and exhibitors who would normally be committing to set-up costs and travel in mid-2020.


EGGA Assembly

EGGA Assembly 2021 will be held in Salzburg in June 2021. This event was postponed from June 2020 and we have decided not to try to hold the event in November 2020. More details of the 2021 dates will be available soon. The features of the Assembly including plant visits, tours and key speakers will, we hope, be as originally planned for this year.


Virtual Events for the Galvanizing Industry

Of course, information exchange and continuous learning remain vital to our industry. So, we will be launching some online virtual events to compensate for the postponement of the physical events. Check back for more details!


Stay safe and well and let’s look forward to meeting when everyone is ready for that!

EGGA Assembly 2020: Postponement

Inevitably, and in support of the worldwide effort to contain the Coronavirus situation, we must postpone the EGGA Assembly 2020 that was planned for 8-10 June in Salzburg.

We are working with our venue and other suppliers in Salzburg to establish a new date for the event.

We will monitor the evolving situation and will confirm the new arrangements during May 2020. Registration for the event is now suspended until the new dates are confirmed.

Delegates that have already registered will be contacted in the next few days to arrange refunds or to transfer your registration fees to the rescheduled event. Your hotel rooms are fully refundable.

EGGA committee and Board members should hold the original June Assembly dates for interim web meetings to be held during that period.